A Cold and Rainy Day in Mercer County Park

Mercer County Park, NJ – 2020⁠ Purchase a print.

It was a cold day when I went walking in Mercer County Park. The sky threatened to bring rain, yet only a mist thick with water droplets hung in the air.

Trees stand in a slow-moving dance. A car passes by, and I wonder if the driver notices the striking poses. Several days later, men with chainsaws will work their way through each tree. Their metal teeth will chew into the outstretched arms and splayed fingers of the dancers, and there will be limbs piled up on the ground. I did not know this at the time, so I’m very happy to have captured this moment. ⁠⠀

Mercer County Park, NJ – 2020 Purchase a print.⁠⠀

Lying in a mangled pile⁠⠀
your bones rest ⁠⠀
sprawled out, mirroring the branches of ⁠⠀
the trees with their slow dances.⁠⠀
You’re not supposed to be here⁠⠀
This field has been plowed and leveled⁠⠀
it is a home for soccer and cricket⁠⠀
for barbecues and suburban loitering⁠⠀
The feeding ground for your kind⁠⠀
is now your funeral grounds⁠⠀
Such is life, people say⁠⠀
but nobody asks the animals⁠⠀

Mercer County Park, NJ – 2020 Purchase a print.

This article was originally published Feb. 23, 2020 on Ello.

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