My Portrait in Wharton State Forest, 2019
Photo: Naya Daur

Hello World.

My name is Stephen Russell Shilling II. The suffix makes it sound pompous, so I prefer people just call me Steve. I publish as S. R. Shilling. I was born in the Pine Barrens of Southern New Jersey. I studied photography in New York city. I’ve photographed professionally for large clients and small clients. I’m trying to keep things simple and see things clearly. In this blog I’ll try to show you what I see, and how I see it.

What’s in a Name?

The name of my blog is Framing Life. The American Heritage┬« Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition lists twenty-nine definitions for the word “frame.” For me, a frame can refer to an image, a perspective, a system of limiting factors, a brief story (such as a vignette). Photography has taught me to see the world through frames. Frames define us and how we observe our surroundings. I hope to explore that idea further throughout this blog.

What’s Going on Here?

This is my life. Well, bits and pieces of it anyway. The things you see here, I have seen. The things you read here, I have lived and thought them. I intend to use this space to be as open and honest with you all as I can possibly manage. By manage I mean “as I can possibly stand to be.” Intimacy, hopefully, is something you will experience this place. It is through this blog that I hope to explore the human condition. There is not just one human condition. There are as many conditioins of being human as there are humans alive. We seem to have a defecit when it comes to understanding one another. Through understanding we can foster compassion, and that is the only way forward I can see which is worth anything. I will try, to the best of my ability, to share with you the condition with which I find my humanity. I will try to be as vulnerable, that is to say open and honest, with you all as I can possibly bear to be.

So What Should I Expect to See?

I have had many false starts with blogging. I’m sure there will be many lulls where you don’t see anything new for a while. I’m not the best at keeping things consistent. Life, funny as it is to say, can sometimes get in the way. Expect to see a lot of photographs. That’s pretty safe to assume. You can also expect to see a fair amount of writing as well. Writing which will often be unedited. Misused commas, misspellings, poor grammar, mixed tenses, the lot of it. I tend to publish almost immediately after I have written it. If I do not immediately publish it, it is all too likely that it will simply disappear, or be deleted. Simply put, Framing Life is really my life- framed. As such, it will be a place for pictures and words, thoughts and ideas, stories and poems. I hope you can benefit from it somehow.

Where in the World (Wide Web) is S. R. Shilling?

These days I have turned away from using the internet for social purposes. As such, I am not active on most common social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, etc…). You can follow me on Twitter if you’d like, though I am not very active. Additionally, you can find occasional work not posted here on Ello, and some exclusive content on Ko-fi.

A brief biographical statement and C.V. are located on my portfolio site.

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