The Sound of Acorns Falling

The night was awash with the sounds of crickets, katydids and dozens of other nocturnal insects. The sounds of their moonlit songs emanating from the darkness felt like being wrapped in a blanket of noise. In contrast, the smooth jazz music playing on my computer felt out of place. It isn’t that it was unwelcome. It was pleasant, no doubt, but it had such a different quality to it.


I heard the sound as I stood outside my apartment. Surely I’m the only one awake at this hour, I thought to myself. When last I looked at my phone the time was around 3:30 AM. The only other person I knew who might be awake was my neighbor.

Bang! The sound shot out from the dark.

He has been working nights at UPS for the past several weeks, and would have left by now. Besides, the sound had come from across the apartment complex, which is shaped like a horseshoe. I never have any reason to be on the other side, so I don’t know anything that goes on over there. So what could possibly be making these sounds?

Clang! A different sound.

With the occurrence of this new sound I knew… it must be the sound of acorns falling from the trees and hitting the pavement or the shingled roof. That last sound, the sound of something striking metal, must have been an acorn striking an aluminum roof, or maybe it was one of the ladders the homeowner leaves out alongside his shed. His house is surrounded by the apartment complex, which I’ve always found peculiar.

The property must have existed before the apartment complex had been developed, and either he or the previous owner had refused to sell their land to the developer. I admire that.