Frames: Dec. 2, 2019

Princeton, NJ – 2019

I recently read an interview involving the photographer Stephen Shore. In it he spoke of turning away from using more typical cameras (SLRs and rangefinders) for large format cameras, and eventually his iPhone. He had used an 8×10 camera for several decades and found that using an iPhone felt similar. Rather than looking through the camera, he found himself looking at a screen. To him this screen is reminiscent of the experience of looking on the ground glass of a large format camera. He spoke of how he methodically used his iPhone and only makes one picture, two if it is of people or a moving subject. The above image was made using my own phone.

Japanese Restaurant, Ewing, NJ – 2019

The above triptych was made while my friend Erik and I were enjoying dinner at a local Japanese restaurant. Viewing them together they seem to speak about emptiness. Three scenes, all of which feature empty chairs. In the middle image was the last image I made. A large group had just finished eating, and I jumped up to grab the shot before the table could be cleared off. I felt that showing the remnants of a meal, and a large meal at that, but with only empty chairs surrounding the table further emphasized the idea of emptiness.

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