Hatboro, PA – A Few Frames

Daddypops is an old-school diner. The stone countertop bar is bookended by two vintage barbershop chairs. An old jukebox- looks like a Select-O-Matic, sits hunched up at one end. The design of its front grill loosely matches the checkerboard pattern of the tiled floor. It’s the kind of diner where the waitresses hand you a large, thickly laminated menu with simple options listed on both sides. I went there to meet with my friend Pat to catch up, talk about life, and possible future projects. We were the last ones to leave. This is a place of old-timer regulars, of early risers and breakfast crowd veterans. We closed down the place at only two in the afternoon.

Dadypops Diner, Hatboro, PA – 2020
Three Seats at Daddypops Diner, Hatboro, PA – 2020 Purchase a Print.
Daddypops Diner, Hatboro, PA – 2020 Purchase a Print.
Patrick, Hatboro, PA – 2020
Hatboro, PA – 2020
Hatboro, PA – 2020
Hatboro, PA – 2020
Hatboro, PA – 2020

Portions of this article were originally published Feb. 13, 2020 on Ello.

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