The Cup – Dec. 5, 2019

Image: The Cup
The Cup, 2019


The cup seemed small. Yet upon looking inside he saw structures of another world, windows to someplace new. As he drew closer, his gaze narrowing, this other place expanded, seemingly drawing further back. It was as if this other realm were saying “Please… you may look. Look with wonder, but you cannot come in. You cannot reach through and explore me with anything but your mind. Stay seated beautiful stranger, and look at me only with your curiosity, for that is the doorway to all wonderful things. Sit and drink. When you 


These photographs were made in Philadelphia, PA at Elixir Coffee. After a client canceled a photoshoot last minute, I had decided that rather than be upset about it, rather than be frustrated that I had driven down to Philadelphia and wasn’t able to conduct my photoshoot I would make the most of my morning. I walked around and found Elixr Roaster‘s pleasant “industrial-chic’ interior and enjoyed a well brewed cup of their Ethiopian Rophi coffee.  I hadn’t’t had a cup of coffee in over two months. This wasn’t for any specific reason. Maybe that reintroduction to coffee lended to my slower, more thoughtful experience while I was there.

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