To Supranav – Oct. 8, 2019

To Supranav – Oct. 8, 2019

you who are so far away
far from the one we shared
you who are being
creating your days
as the sun creates sight
as consciousness births
the experience of being
and I miss
the time

I’m remembering when you entered
through the kitchen door of the Indian restaurant
spoke to them with their words
with your words
and brought us
fresh, hot tea they had given you
lightly colored
opaque with milk
the cardamom pods still floating
on the surface of that sweet liquid

that brisk night
we walked along Lexington Avenue
like many nights before
and many which followed
Lexington Avenue
where you taught me how to eat
with my hands
and that water should be drunk
only after a meal
a while later

and so it is
the universe teaches us
not to think of things separately
no I and that
no those
over there
where you are seems separate
feels separate
with distance so great the weight of it
of all the air
the water
the trees
the space
almost touchable

we are not separate
there is no we
no I separate from those
or that
or things
tát túvam ási
after all
that art thou

but still
I miss the time
when what I was
was you and me
and I hope you are well
where you are
I hope I am well
where you are
I miss you

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