She Will Leave

She will leave

go away from this sacred space

we have created

and that must be enough


coming and going

as all things must live their cycle

some cycles repeat

as they say of history

but unknowingly so

and that’s as it should be as well

To know of an impending repeat

should it be possible to know of such a thing

would eliminate itself entirely

the break, the pause

would cease to exist

as the interim would just be

a drawn out continuation

of the whole.

So she will leave

and I will break

and in breaking an expansion will occur

there is always expansion after a recession

this is the way of life

it cannot be still

Expansion heals

it is its nature

to build up what once was less

to create more where once there was little

how can that not be so?

how can expansion not be a type of healing?

expansion is creation

and thus creation is healing.

This is not positive or negative

It simply is

just as it is

So she will leave

and that will be


that must be


Suggested listening: Bill Evans Trio – Minha (All Mine) (Live) | On a Monday Morning

To Hold Hands

Oh! What a feeling

That which can be expressed by holding hands

two palms in contact


Ten fingers entwined


Beautiful communication

The silence of it all

Oh! The magnificent, cosmic creating force of it all

Nothing is spoken

yet everything is expressed

As my thumb caresses hers

as hers responds to mine



Unspoken thoughts passing through the synaptic responses


as every grove and smooth surface is explored


carefull not to over-excite


carefull not to miscommunicate

How miraculous

that words are unneccesary

How wonderful

that in silence so much can be said

Like that of the Moon

I tried

I tried to make a picture of her

last night

I couln’t

I was afraid

my camera would expose my true feelings

as if that would betray me somehow

It’s funny to think of an object being capable of betrayal

Maybe it was her

Maybe it was her brilliance

Like that of the Harvest Moon

We sat and stared

for some time

at the moon

at the clouds

at each other

Her incandesence

Like that of the moon

shown through me

Exposed me

Like film, the shutter of my soul

had been opened

and I saw myself, exposed

Leaves on a Trellis, 2015

Leaves on a Trellis, 2015 – Welwyn Nature Preserve, Glen Cove, Nassau County, NY
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For a long time now I have found myself looking up at the light beyond the leaves of trees. It probably goes back to my childhood where I spent a good amount of time in the forest constructing lean-to shelters, tipis and longhouses, as well as pushing down trees that had died.

I made this image while exploring the woods of the Welwyn Estate in Nassau County, Long Island. I had left my apartment near Trenton, New Jersey very early that morning. This meant I was able to avoid any traffic on the Turnpike and made excellent time on the Cross Bronx Expressway. I arrived at the estate as the sun was rising.

My intention that morning had been to walk down to a beach that a friend of mine had introduced me to. The beach rests on the banks of the Long Island Sound with Connecticut visible on the horizon. It’s a small beach, almost as if it was an accidental afterthought, and because of this there are rarely other people there.

That morning had a suspended, soft feeling about it. There were two fisherman out on the water and the loudest sound to be heard was the rhythmic crashing of the waves against the sand and the stones of the jetty. Every color visible was a delicate pastel tint and nothing seemed real. I made a short film about what my time there that morning felt like.

Afterwards, it seemed as though my senses had been heightened a bit. It was a very calming experience, yet it had the effect of making my eyes more keen to my surroundings. As I explored an area of the woods I knew to contain the ruins of a greenhouse, and at least one other large structure, I came across this trellis blanketed by leaves. By now the sun had risen high enough in the sky for the light to pass through the canopy of leaves above.

I came across this image while browsing my archives and really fell in love with it. There’s a lot going on in such a seemingly simple image. Everything is still, but your eye has plenty to seek out in the image as it jumps between clusters of leaves or traces the twisting paths of vines.

It makes me think about how life goes on outside the seemingly homo-sapien centric existence we all play out. Yet it also brings to mind Frances Hodgson Burnett’s children’s novel The Secret Garden and an intimate moment between to young lovers being interrupted when one, overcome with emotion, gazes up in search of relief and sees this intricate composition of leaves resting above them.

If you find this image as enchanting as I do, please consider purchasing a print from me. It would be my pleasure to make one for you.