In the Mountains, After it Rains

“In The Mountains, After it Rains” – Balsam Mountain, Catskills, NY – 2018

In the Mountains, After it Rains – Oct. 19, 2019

If you are in the mountains
if the rain has stopped
if the weather is just right
the ground warmed by the sun
the air cool as it surrounds you
you can witness
what must be angels being born
slumberous-they rise
from the earth
unable to hold on
their haziness
their foggy awakening
is all that surrounds you
as the earth exhales
and everything returns

Note: I made this image in the Catskill Mountains, one of my favorite places to hike. I was hiking with my friend and fellow photographer Dave. We had been making our way through the haze, which had seemed to transform the environment into some strange, fantasy world you normally only see in films. The lack of contrast, the subdued colors, everything glistening with a coat of moisture. It was all very surreal, but beautifully so. When we reached the top of Balsam Mountain, we looked out onto a vast landscape of nothing. Nothingness was all that we could see. Everything was just this thick cloudiness. We waited there for a while- probably about an hour or so in total, before finally the thickness began to break. We could look down upon the layers of hillsides, a myriad of trees began to provide a bit of texture. Then we could see the thick evaporation beginning to occur as the water, being warmed by the sun, began to evaporate and rise into the sky.

The Mosquitoes will Bite You (Bouncing as You Walk)

The Mosquitoes will Bite You (Bouncing as You Walk) – Oct. 18, 2019

The mosquitoes will bite you 
 you would say 
 when I was being too sweet 
 or more precisely 
  "tooooo sweeet" 
 arranged with ample repetition 
 an attempt to express  
 your ample happiness 
 happiness which caused you 
 to bounce as you walked 
 always on the balls of your feet 
 to always lift everyone up 
 and to always express 
  your gratitude in the form  
 of "how lucky we are" 
 wherever you and I shared  
 a moment which moved us 
 I can still hear you 
 clear as a bell 
 in the crisp autumn air 
 it feels thin 
 thinner than before 
 as if to suggest 
 that I try 
 passing through it would be easier 
 less atoms in my way 
 and you at the other end 
 bouncing as you walk