Single Frame: Andrew, Princeton, NJ – 2019

Image: Andrew, Princeton, NJ - 2019
Andrew, Princeton, NJ – 2019

    I spotted Andrew collecting carts in a Trader Joe’s parking lot. It was his impressively long beard which caught my eye. I approached him and asked if I could make his portrait, explaining that I was a photographer. Hesitant at first, he ultimately agreed. A hint of flattery and pride was held in a smile buried behind a thick wall of hair. I asked  how long it had taken him to grow his beard out to such a length. About four and a half years was his answer. 

Poem: Even a Small Fire Can, Nov. 4, 2019

Even a Small Fire Can, Nov. 4, 2019

Even a small fire can
from pine needles dried
cast away from their branches,
half-burned wood
cracked black and hollow
overpower the sun
as it fades beneath the horizon

casting light and
bathing in warmth
so too can love be
rekindled from
bits and pieces,
half-burned memories
blurred by time and distance
until once again
it is blinding
it’s warmth untouchable
it’s shape unknowable

How wonderful it would be
to bathe in this fire
with you until
our embers ceased to glow and
cracked black and hollow
even a gentle breeze carries us and
in bits and pieces
spreads us far out across and
back into everything
where we can
begin again

Cranberry Bog, Brendan T. Byrne State Forest, NJ – 2019
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