Fri. 19 Mar. 2021; 13:53 – Kafe Ojala

Today I stopped by the cafe and talked to A. about objectivity versus subjectivity, and the role of pragmatism with regards to gender identity. Had a nice conversation with A. D. and his friend. Can’t remember her name. Actually, I can’t remember an introduction either, so that makes sense. I’m usually not one to initiate an introduction.

Not sure what I’ll do today. Would love to finish Grapes of Wrath. I’ll read at least the next chapter. That alone is 50 pages, that’ll take me well over an hour, probably near two and a half. I still need to pick up batteries for the Spotmatic. 

Not sure how productive I’ll be today, but at least I’m out of the apartment for now.

A thought crossed my mind while waiting for my coffee to cool down:

“It seems to me, that while we have made great strides in communication, and with the abundance of material on social media that allows for the absorption of a multitude of perspectives, opinions, lifestyles, and so on, we have yet to foster that which might make communication and co-existence better, more effective, more harmonious. Namely, the compassion and humility necessary for safe, open exchanges wherein a sense of security fosters vulnerability, intimacy, and what we all need, which is to feel that we are all walking hand in hand.”