bookmark_borderTBM #1 (A Thought Before Midnight) – Sat. 17 April 2021; 23:48

In the event that you find yourself in a conversation with someone and you feel as though they are responding to you, on the verge of what might be considered a debate, based on assumptions of how they think you feel, what your opinions are, your loyalties, politics, etc… What if at that moment you took the opportunity to ask that person “What do I think?” Ask them to tell you what you (yes you) think, what your opinion is, etc… See how they respond.

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bookmark_borderFri. 19 Mar. 2021; 13:53 – Kafe Ojala

Today I stopped by the cafe and talked to A. about objectivity versus subjectivity, and the role of pragmatism with regards to gender identity. Had a nice conversation with A. D. and his friend. Can’t remember her name. Actually, I can’t remember an introduction either, so that makes sense. I’m usually not one to initiate an introduction.

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