Single Frame: Miry Run, NJ

Image: Miry Run
Canadian geese lined up on the ice crested Miry Run, a small manmade lake along the Assunpink Creek.

I’ve spent the past few days exploring Miry Run, which is a small, manmade lake along the Assunpink Creek close to where I live. It’s provided me with some beautiful moments of stunning light this winter season. Earlier today I even watched as two red-tailed hawks flew around and sounded their distinctive screeches.

This has become a favorite spot of mine and Shea, my recently adopted Pit/Hound mix.  I walk her along the water’s edge on a long leash. I’m training her to be patient with me, as I often stop to make pictures whenever we are out walking. So far she behaves well, but does always want to be on the move.

Bonus Frame:

Image: Shea, my Pit/Hound mix, sitting impatiently for her portrait.
Shea at Miry Run, January – 2019