19-12-22 – The Air Outside is Thin

Rice Cooking, Dec. 20, 2019

The Air Outside is Thin, 2019

The air outside is thin
grasping all about
laying its hand on everything
a piercing chill freezing fingers
the ground is firm
the leaves, crisply rigid
but inside the warm air wraps me
as I watch the steam from the rice cooker
dancing in the sunlight

Single Frame: Andrew, Princeton, NJ – 2019

Image: Andrew, Princeton, NJ - 2019
Andrew, Princeton, NJ – 2019

    I spotted Andrew collecting carts in a Trader Joe’s parking lot. It was his impressively long beard which caught my eye. I approached him and asked if I could make his portrait, explaining that I was a photographer. Hesitant at first, he ultimately agreed. A hint of flattery and pride was held in a smile buried behind a thick wall of hair. I asked  how long it had taken him to grow his beard out to such a length. About four and a half years was his answer.