bookmark_borderMon. 21st Feb. 2022 – Intention and Perception

This was supposed to be a brief entry…

I had in mind to begin this entry by saying “lately I have been thinking a lot about…” However, I know that that would be partial-truth. It would be more accurate to say “while this is nearly always on my mind, it seems to be more at the forefront as of late.”

The “it” in question is this idea that communication, and perhaps that could be broadened to encompass all existence (within a society), is a balance, or perhaps more cynically, a theatrical performance wherein the concepts of intention and perception clash.

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bookmark_borderSome Brief Thoughts on Art, Censorship, and the Responsibility and the Ethics of Creating

Fri. 30 April 2021 – Bed

Sometimes, more often than not actually, conversations are the best mediums for thought. Tonight, a friend of mine messaged me asking if I had seen the film La montaƱa sagrada (The Holy Mountain), Alejandro Jodorowsky‘s visually stunning (and arresting) surrealist fantasy which offers a critical look at mankind throughout the heavily symbol-laden epic.

As their phone was malfunctioning, most of their comments were shared via audio recordings, most of which I did not think to save or transcribe. My apologies. However, I would like to share my responses, as half of the discussion, for some thoughts on art, censorship, and the responsibility and ethics of creating.

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bookmark_borderTues. 31 Mar. 2021; 12:31 – Sitting room, couch

This morning I woke up and went into Trenton, to the CURE Arena, which for the past several months has been operating as a mass-vaccination site. I received my first of two Moderna COVID-19 vaccinations. I’m glad to have gotten the injection, despite any potential unknown health risks. (I figure Europe seems satisfied with them, even with the limited testing, and at this point the current risk of the virus outweighs the potential risks).

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