Frames: 2019-11-24

Empty Table, Chairs, and Squiggly Cable, Philadelphia – 2019
Street Construction, Philadelphia – 2019
My Mother with Baby Calvin – 2019
Kelsey, Carter, and Baby Calvin – 2019

Frames: 2019-11-22

Leaves in the Post Office Parking Lot, 2019
Car Advertising the Need for A Mother’s New Kidney, 2019
Three Images of The Afternoon Sky, 2019
My New “Super Shyne” Tiffin at Dusk, 2019


kidney: I was touched by the family’s display advertising a need for a new kidney. Nowadays, when displaying any personal information is seen as a risk, even the act of advertising your phone number and blood type seems like a bold statement. However, it pales in comparison to the boldness and bravery found in the a call to action seeking a willing organ donor. I hope (and am assuming) they don’t mind, but here is the number featured on the display:  six-zero-nine-seven-eight-nine-six-four-eight-two. Please contact them if you have any information which may lead to a new kidney.

Afternoon Sky: These images were made al within the span of one hour, as the light in the sky changed from a hazy overcast, to a partially clear blue sky, and finally a cloudy display just before sunset.

Tiffin: I have known about the ubiquitously Indian lunchbox simply referred to as Tiffin (my tiffin, your tiffin, the tiffin, etc…) for some time. Tiffin is the English Indian word for a light meal- think “tea-time,” but can also serve as a replacement for the word “lunch.”  It took a while for me to remember it and consider it a possible solution to my need for a convenient, mobile method of carrying around food. It wasn’t until recent, when my neighbors delivered food for me (packaged in a tiffin container) when I was feeling unwell, that I remembered Tiffin.

I prefer, whenever possible, to cook my own meals, and I am excited to finally have an extremely convenient and compact solution to bringing a home-cooked meal with me when I’m out of my apartment exploring, hiking, or on a long journey. Sometimes you have to go looking for inspiration. I was not the only person excited about my purchase of tiffin. The employees working the cash registers of my local Indian supermarket all made sure everyone knew that this small white man was buying tiffin. It made me laugh. They made sure I knew what it was and were thrilled when I told them that I knew.

I decided that such an occasion had to be documented. So as soon as I got to my car, I placed the tiffin on my roof and framed out a shot. The sky was dim, and I wanted to capture some of the color in the sky. Just as I began to press the shutter button, which is more of a lever on the camera I was using, the distant flood light flickered on. I knew it was going to add a great little element to the image. Yes, it is a bit dark. That doesn’t matter. I am so pleased with how the image turned out, and I know that every time I look at it I’ll be reminded of how happy it made me, and the smiles on those cashiers faces. 

Single Frame: Andrew, Princeton, NJ – 2019

Image: Andrew, Princeton, NJ - 2019
Andrew, Princeton, NJ – 2019

    I spotted Andrew collecting carts in a Trader Joe’s parking lot. It was his impressively long beard which caught my eye. I approached him and asked if I could make his portrait, explaining that I was a photographer. Hesitant at first, he ultimately agreed. A hint of flattery and pride was held in a smile buried behind a thick wall of hair. I asked  how long it had taken him to grow his beard out to such a length. About four and a half years was his answer.